Heat recovery in the bakery industry

Why is heat recovery useful in bakeries?

Hardly any other craft or industrial sector requires as much energy as bakeries, on the one hand to reach the necessary operating temperature, and on the other hand to guarantee the production process.

  • Both the hot flue gases from the ovens and the vapor contain energy at enormous levels.
  • Without heat recovery, vapor or flue gases escape directly into the environment.
  • With our heat exchangers, around 10% of the burner output can be recovered from the flue gases of baking ovens. In addition, you can recover another 10-15% by installing a vapor condenser.

Flue gas heat exchangers and vapor condensers

Rooftop installation of flue gas heat exchangers. Piping with ring line

Flue gas heat exchanger for deck and rack ovens

Flue gas heat exchanger on deck furnaces

Electronic charge controller for charge pumps, actuators and other functions

Vapor condenser for continuous furnace

Vapor condenser for continuous furnace