With its brands Raab, Kutzner + Weber and NET, the Raab Group is one of the leading suppliers of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient chimney systems and flue gas system solutions in Europe. Our goal in terms of environmental and health protection is to ensure that exhaust gas that is as free of pollutants as possible exits at the chimney mouth and that resources are conserved through an optimised combustion process and heat recovery. We manufacture in Germany and offer all products from a single source, which makes us unique in the market.

Our product portfolio includes stainless steel flue systems, chimney components – such as particle separators, draught limiters, flue gas dampers, silencers, smoke extractors – and heat recovery systems.

Our philosophy is the “intelligent chimney”, a system of intelligently matched chimney components. These ensure safety, equipment efficiency and emission reduction, thus actively contributing to environmental protection.

We offer complete turnkey solutions – for commercial, industrial and residential construction, including the planning of large-scale systems. Thanks to a nationwide network of installation partners, your system can be installed anywhere in Germany and in neighbouring countries. After installation, our service team is available to advise you. We are also a supplier to the trade and an OEM supplier for well-known companies.

The history

In 1898, Paul Raab founded his company, the Neuwieder Schwemmstein- und Zementwarenfabrik Paul Raab. In 1951, the company was renamed the Joseph Raab GmbH & Cie. KGthis is still a family company today.

The product range changed over the decades from alluvial stones, products made of pumice cement and the Strabit stone patented in 1936, roof slab production in 1942 to steel-reinforced large slabs for prefabricated cellars in the 1970s. In 1968, the production of conventional stones was discontinued. In 1983, the production of concrete chimney tops followed, and in 1985, the production was expanded to include stainless steel and lightweight chimneys.

In 1991, production of stainless steel equipment began at the new plant in Luckenau, near Leipzig. In 2004, the company concentrated on the flue gas systems and flue gas technology divisions and the grinding and dosing plant division was sold to the Quickmix Group. Today, all products of our brands Raab, KW and NET are produced in our factory in Zeitz, district Luckenau.

In 1997, Kutzner + Weber GmbH was taken over, a company that has been developing and selling flue gas technology chimney components to reduce flue gas emissions and increase the efficiency of the flue gas system since 1949. The company became particularly well known for the “Diermayer damper”, a thermally controlled exhaust gas damper, which was invented and patented by Alois Diermayer in 1934. From 1949, this was produced by the company Franz Weber oHG in Munich.

It was constantly developed further and is still in the range today. In 1973, motor-controlled flue gas dampers were added.

This was followed in 1985 by the development of draught regulators and in 1988 by the introduction of the first flue gas silencer programme, which was further developed in 2001 in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP. Today, the product range also includes (fine dust) particle separators and chimney fans.

In 2015, the product portfolio was completed by the acquisition of the company NET – New Energy-Technology GmbH with systems for flue gas heat recovery. NET has been active in the field of heat recovery for over 20 years.

The NET products were transferred to the product portfolio of Kutzner + Weber GmbH and are now further developed and marketed under the NET brand. Heat recovery systems with finned or smooth tube heat exchangers as well as vapour condensers are available; these can be offered as turnkey systems including flue gas components.