Energy and CO2 savings

How can energy be saved in industry and commerce?

Heat recovery systems transfer the waste heat from the flue gas as effectively as possible to water, which flows through the heat exchanger coil. In this way, the flue gases are cooled and the heated water can be recycled and used elsewhere.

What can the recovered energy be used for?

Usage Winter Summer
Heating of outbuildings +
Production site heating +
Air curtain system +
Air heating +
Fermentation room heating + +
Feedwater preheating + +
Preheating production water + +
Hot water + +
Hot water e.g. car wash + +
Cleaning water + +
Absorption chillers + +
Sales/energy contracting + +
ORC technology + +

Flue gas heat exchanger, air heater and flue gas cooler

Flue gas heat exchanger with bypass on a microturbine

Flue gas heat exchanger with bypass for thermal afterburning system

Flue gas heat exchanger for high temperatures (1000°C)

Compressed air heater heated by flue gas from compressor diesel engine

Flue gas heat exchanger for biogas plant (landfill gas)

Air heater for medical applications