Telescopic guy set from Raab: up to 5.5 m chimney height above the roof

Neuwied, April 17, 2023 – As a result of the new discharge conditions, which have been in force since January 1, 2022 and are specified in Section 19 of the 1st BImSchV, the prescribed chimney height above roof changed for new buildings. The goal is to better dissipate emissions and avoid pollution in the neighborhood. This requires, depending on the distance of the chimney from the ridge, sometimes very high chimney structures. Raab’s telescopic bracing set for double-walled stainless steel flue systems allows these requirements to be met: Up to 5.5 meters above the last static wall attachment or rafter support are possible.

The telescopic bracing set can be used for all solid fuel burning fireplaces, such as wood or pellet stoves, pellet heaters, open fireplaces or wood gasification systems. The design of the exhaust system and thus the correct muzzle height can be carried out according to the 1st BImSchV § 19 or the VDI 3781 part 4. Details are best clarified in advance with the district authorized sweep of the chimney.

Raab provides eight sizes for an inside diameter of 100 to 250 mm (outside from 160 to 310 mm). Accordingly, the company gives the connection force on the roof truss as 0.94 to 1.81 kN.

Quick installation
The installation of the telescopic bracing set is implemented in a few steps. First, fix the guy ring to the outer casing of the pipe, with the eyelets to which the rods are attached pointing towards the roof cladding or the roof hooks. The distance to the last bracket is a maximum of 4 m. Two values apply for the exact alignment of the telescopic poles: They must be attached with an angle of at least 45° from the vertical and they must have a distance of 90° from each other. Accordingly, the roof hooks are positioned.

Then the telescopic poles must be screwed to the roof hooks and the guy ring and adjusted in length. Once the rods are fixed by tightening the screw in the adjusting ring, the last step is to screw the two interlocking rods together.

Sensible solutions
The statically tested system is supplied as a complete package: It consists of a guy ring, adjusting ring, telescopic rods and rotatable eyebolts. Raab has suitable roof hooks available as mounting accessories. In combination with the high-quality double-walled flue systems made of stainless steel, a safe construction is created. It is designed for wind load zone WLZ 2 with a mouth height of up to 30 m above ground.

The Raab Group is currently developing further solutions for cantilevered element chimneys that comply with the standards and will be available from the second half of the year.

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The telescopic bracing set from Raab: up to 5.5 m above the last static wall fastening or rafter support, double-walled stainless steel flue systems can be routed above the roof.