ISH 2023: Raab Group presents solutions for environmentally friendly heating and flue gas technology

Neuwied, 25 January 2023 – From 13 to 17 March, the SHK sector will once again meet in Frankfurt for the leading international trade fair ISH. Under the motto “Solutions for a sustainable future”, everything revolves around innovations that contribute to achieving climate protection goals and enable responsible, efficient use of available resources. The Raab Group with its brands Raab, Kutzner + Weber and NET presents an extensive product portfolio at the ISH. In Hall 11.0 at Stand D22, visitors will find gas flue systems from Raab, the proven components for environmentally friendly heating from Kutzner + Weber and heat exchangers from NET.

Heating with wood is very popular, but can be a big problem for the environment. If the combustion process is inadequate and the exhaust air also escapes unfiltered through the chimney, emissions can be released to an alarming degree. At the ISH, Kutzner + Weber will be showing, among other things, solutions that significantly reduce particulate matter and fuel requirements – true to the Raab philosophy of the “intelligent chimney”.

Saubere Verbrennung und Abluftreinigung

The basis of efficient and environmentally friendly heating is a clean burn. Draught regulators and chimney fans optimise the chimney draught and thus support clean burning of the fuel. With clean and efficient wood burning, up to 40 percent less fuel is needed and emissions are reduced even before the smoke rises from the chimney. In the chimney itself, fine dust separators further reduce emissions. As a result, the ambient air is significantly less polluted. Consumers can also save energy and thus money. The systems can also be easily retrofitted in existing buildings. At the ISH, the Raab Group will be exhibiting draught limiters, fine dust particle separators from the Airjekt series and the AirSpeedy chimney fan from its Kutzner + Weber brand, which has proven itself in single fireplaces.

The heating phase is particularly important for efficient operation with the lowest possible emissions. Around 80 per cent of emissions and particulate matter are produced in this process. The shorter this is, the fewer emissions enter the chimney and the fuel requirement is significantly reduced. However, draught problems can occur in the chimney due to unfavourable weather conditions, an unfavourable positioning of the chimney or a cold flue gas system during heating. To compensate for this and to reach the operating temperature more quickly through constant draught, chimney fans have proved their worth. At the ISH, the focus will be on the AirSpeedy and the two chimney fan models Diajekt and Linejekt. The Diajekt is particularly suitable for fireplaces with negative pressure in the flue gas system such as solid fuel stoves and boilers, oil and gas fireplaces, baking ovens or for use in ventilation systems. The Linejekt industrial fan has been specially developed for commercial and industrial applications as well as process technology for discharging large exhaust air and exhaust gas volume flows.

Chimneys for all heating types

The core business of the Raab Group is flue systems made of stainless steel; lightweight chimneys are also part of the product range. Several single- and double-walled stainless steel chimneys with and without thermal insulation, such as the Raab EW, DW and DW-Alkon, will be presented at the stand. The Alkon variants are characterised by the patented conical plug-in connection. With the lightweight chimneys, chimneys within the building can be retrofitted quickly and easily. On display at the stand will be the LB Universal, a 3-shell lightweight chimney specially developed for retrofitting. It is particularly recommended for installation on wall brackets or wooden beam ceilings, for conversions or for installation in prefabricated houses with wooden post and beam construction.

Heat exchangers for efficient operation

For companies with energy-intensive thermal production processes, the Raab Group offers the Thermojekt heat exchangers and steam condensers of its NET brand. This means that heat from exhaust gases is not discharged unused, but can be further utilised during operation through heat recovery. The Thermojekt RB with bypass will be presented at the stand. It is used for heat recovery from clean and slightly polluted hot air or exhaust gases from oil and gas firing as well as from process air up to 400 °C, and above on request.

Visitors to the ISH in Frankfurt will find these and other exhaust technology products at the Raab Group in Hall 11.0, Stand D22.