Stainless-Steel System DW, the Classic.


The double-walled, moisture resistant DW is the reliable classic with clamp fitting installation. The system has a so-called capillary stop that prevents moisture from leaking into the insulation of the flue gas system from the outside. The capillary stop also prevents condensate on the inside to leak into the insulation. This means your system is technologically safe and you can enjoy your durable system mady by Raab for a long time.


Connecting the elements with a clamp fitting is easy, reliable and has proven to work great for many years.


The double-walled system has a 30 mm insulation that protects the outer pipe from getting too hot. This means the flue gas system can be installed in close proximity to the facade. Inside the building the distance to flammable materials can also be reduced considerably. The insulation also ensures that temperature fluctuations and weather conditions only have a small effect ono the flue gas flow. The system´s modular design fits all structural requirements and is assembled on-site by specialists.



DW represenatation on the facade of an industrial hall


  • Inner pipe:

    - Stainless steel (1.4571/1.4404)
    - Material thickness 0.5 mm from Ø 400 0.6 mm

    - Ø 100 - 600 mm
    - freely expandable

  • Heat insulation 30 mm
  • Outer shell:

    - Stainless steel high-gloss
    - Material thickness 0.5 mm from Ø 400 0.6 mm
    - staticly supporting

  • Immediately ready for use



✔  Reliable connection technique: The elements´ joints have proven their

     reliability for many years.


✔  Capillary stop: The system is protected from moisture both inside and outside.

✔  Speed: Easily installed by an expert and ready for use right after installation.

  Flexible: Easily adjusted to difficult conditions thanks to the construction variety.

  Energy spectrum: Flue gas temperatures up to 600 °C, negative pressure, 

     positive pressure up to 200 Pa, dry and humid operation.

  High-quality materials: the best materials and modern production methods

     ensure a reliable and durable flue gas solution.


  High quality: Certified system according to  CE 0432-CPD-219929, secured

     through certified production according to DIN EN ISO 9001.



✔  High creative freedom: In addition to the architecturally elegant design also

     available in various surfaces for a surcharge (polished, matte, brush-finished,

     varnished or copper galvanized).


Range of use



  • Low-temperature systems
  • Standard fireplaces (solid fuels like wood, coal, pellets etc.)
  • Modern fireplaces in private, business and industry buildings
  • Suitable for negative-pressure operation
  • For inside and outside
  • Dry operation
  • Moisture-resistant operation
  • Positive-pressure operation up to 200 Pa with seal
Example assembly
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