DW + DW / FU

Illustration DW + DW/FU on the outside facade of an factory

For all who prefer the classic assembly using clamp fittings. Our DW + DW/FU system is based on our proven double wall system which has been used in many thousands of installations. In developing the system our technicians attached great importance to its resistance to moisture - given as “FU” in the description. Our well-proven capillary stop is also used in this system. The DW + DW/FU is suitable for all applications in the negative pressure range.

DW + DW / FU in detail

Schematic diagram of a connection using a clamp fitting

Details of a DW/FU section


  • Classic jointing technique:
    The sections are put together and secured with a clamp fitting, which is supplied. Individually adjustable in length. No insulating or welding on site. Quick assembly.

  • Capillary stop:
    Prevents permeation of moisture.

  • Ample scope for design:
    Distance from wall fixing - up to four metres, possible free cantilever length - up to three metres. Modern stainless steel look.

  • Modular system:
    Constructed from precision-fit sections Considerable system versatility and extensive range of accessories.

  • Material:
    Inner liner: Free to expand, made in stainless steel (1.4571/1.4404). Internal diameter: 80 to 600 mm. Thickness: 0.5 mm. Intermediate layer: 30 mm thermal insulation. Supporting outer shell made of stainless steel. TIG/laser welded, butt seam welded. Immediately ready for installation.

  • High quality:
    TÜV (MOT) approved, quality controlled, certified according to DIN/ISO 9001.


  • Modern burners in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Low temperature installations
  • Negative pressure
  • For internal and external use
  • Decreasing the cross section of existing installations
  • for standard burners

Example assembly

Wall support for DW/FU on outside facade

Overall vision

The DW + DW/FU chimney system blends well with the overall vision of the industrial plant